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06/08/2010 The FOOTPRINT tools should be released in the Autumn 2010. Please register with the FOOTPRINT announcement list if you wish to be contacted when the tools are made available.
01/07/2009 The start-up company FOOTWAYS was established in June 2009 to i) ensure that the the FOOTPRINT tools are disseminated and supported in the long term; ii) provide trainings in environmental risk assessment throughout Europe; and, iii) develop new innovative tools to answer specific requests and needs from end-user communities.
20/06/2009 The FOOTPRINT partners are currently busy finalising the three FOOTPRINT tools and writing the remaining deliverables for the end of the project.
27/03/2008 A new FOOTPRINT web site focusing on dissemination activities will be unveiled in the summer. The new web site will be the focal point of all FOOTPRINT science and tools, providing help and support to FOOTPRINT users and offering free downloads of the FOOTPRINT tools.
18/03/2008 The final FOOTPRINT conference took place on 18 & 19 March 2009 at the University of Giessen in Germany. The PPTs shown at the conference can be downloaded from the dedicated page.
23/02/2009 The German company iNovaGIS has joined the FOOTPRINT team in replacement of the French company GEOSYS.
07/01/2009 Two further FOOTPRINT papers have been accepted for publication in the Vadose Zone Journal. Electronic reprints can be requested through the publications page.
07/11/2008 A total of 50 participants attended the FOOTPRINT annual meeting 2008 which took place in Wroclaw in Poland. You can download all presentations made at the event by visiting the following link.
06/10/2008 A scientific paper dedicated to the development of the FOOTPRINT agro-environmental scenarios has just been released by the international journal The Science of the Total Environment. You can ask for a reprint on the dedicated page.
17/09/2008 The first application of the FOOTPRINT technology outside the European project has been presented at the World geology congress 2008 in Oslo. Maps of FOOTPRINT soil types and FOOTPRINT SUGAR were used by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland as part of the KUPA project to assess the vulnerability of Danish groundwater to contamination by pesticides. The poster can be downloaded here
09/09/2008 FOOTPRINT will be presented at the 5th European conference on Pesticides and Related Organic Micropollutants in the Environment & the 11th Symposium on Chemistry and Fate of Modern Pesticides which will take place in Marseille in France on 22-25 October 2008.
28/08/2008 The FOOTPRINT work on the development of a typology of European soils according to their potential to transfer pesticides was presented at the EUROSOIL 2008 conference.
22/08/2008 Two new deliverables (DL20 and DL23) can be downloaded from the dedicated page.
08/08/2008 The FOOTPRINT annual meeting 2008 will take place in Wroclaw, Poland, on 6 & 7 November 2008.
31/07/2008 The FOOTPRINT PPDB, the reference database for information on pesticide properties, has benefited from a major update.
01/07/2008 A series of piloting workshops are held in 7 EU countries (Poland, Italy, the UK, Slovenie, Sweden, Greece and France) over the summer to present the farm-scale tool FOOT-FS and benefit from the feedback of users.
11/06/2008 A two-day FOOTPRINT meeting was held in Ljubljana in Slovenia to finalise activities related to the evaluation of the tools. The meeting involved a demonstration of an alpha version of FOOT-NES.
09/06/2008 A 2.5-day seminar involving a wide range of stakeholders and potential users was organised in France to discuss the potential application of the FOOTPRINT tools in the country and development of a national version of the tools
26/03/2008 The FOOTPRINT team has just released FOOTPRINT SUGAR, an innovative index which tells you whether water falling on a particular location mostly contributes to recharge to groundwater (i.e. infiltrating areas) or discharge to surface water.
19/02/2008 The FOOTPRINT web site has now been fully translated in Italian by the ICPS team. The Italian version can be accessed here.
18/01/2008 The FOOTPRINT work on the identification of climatic factors regulating the transport of pesticides to water resources has been accepted for publication in Pest Management Science. See the Publications section.
19/12/2007 The FOOTPRINT web site has now been fully translated in Polish by Wieslaw Fialkiewicz of the Agricultural University of Wroclaw. The Polish version can be accessed here.
18/12/2007 The review entitled "The formation of pesticide non-extractable (bound) residues in soil: magnitude, controlling factors and reversibility" has been accepted for publications in Environmental Science & Technology, a key journal in the environmental field. See the publications page.
15/12/2007 New FOOTPRINT presentation document for policy- and decision-makers. See the dedicated section.
03/12/2007 Powerpoint presentations shown at the FOOTPRINT Annual Meeting 2007 on 22-23 November 2007 in Italy can be downloaded from the following page.
07/09/2007 FOOTPRINT benefited from a special session at the XIII Symposium on Pesticide Chemistry in Piacenza, a key event in the field of pesticide risk assessment. See all talks on the Piacenza page.
14/08/2007 The FOOTPRINT work on the definition of climatic zones for pesticide fate modelling has been accepted for publication in Environmental Pollution. Another paper reporting on FOOTPRINT science by Fredrik Stenemo and Nick Jarvis has also just appeared in Pest Management Science. This brings the number of scientific papers for the project to four. See the Publications section.
24/06/2007 The FOOTPRINT web site is now fully functional in French. Visit
02/04/2007 The first FOOTPRINT annual newsletter has been released. Feel free to download the document from the following web page.
15/01/2007 The FOOTPRINT Annual Meeting 2007 will take place on 22-23 November 2007 in Italy.
02/01/2007 Four new deliverables are available for download. They constitute the basis of development of the FOOTPRINT agro-environmental scenarios.
29/11/2006 New FOOTPRINT posters can now be downloaded from the (dedicated section).
23-24/11/2006 FOOTPRINT annual meeting in Copenhagen. The presentations can be downloaded from this page.
26-27/09/2006 Presentation of FOOTPRINT at the AgChemForum in Amsterdam with a particular emphasis on the potential use of FOOT-NES as complementary information in pesticide registration. You may download the presentation here.
15/09/2006 The FOOTPRINT annual meeting will take place on 23 and 24 November 2006 in Copenhagen (Denmark). Please visit this page for information regarding the meeting.
02/07/2006 The FOOTPRINT reviews on i) approaches to environmental risk assessment for pesticides, ii) pesticide fate models and environmental indicators, iii) bound residues, iv) preferential flow, and v) mitigation strategies and their effectiveness, have been released and are available for download from the deliverables page
17/05/2006 The FOOTPRINT Pesticide Properties Database (FOOTPRINT PPDB in short) has been released. The dabasase contains detailed information on chemical, fate and ecotoxicological properties of pesticides registered in the EU. See the FOOTPRINT PPDB page for more details.
10/05/2006 Presentation of the project at the SETAC Europe conference in The Hague in the Netherlands. The poster can be downloaded from the poster section.
11/04/2006 Meeting with representatives of the EU-funded TOPPS project to discuss synergies and the potential for collaboration
03-04/04/2006 Meeting of Work Package leaders at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK
31/03/2006 Deliverable #2 of the project is available for download from the deliverables page.
28/03/2006 Presentation of the project at the Warwick conference on Pesticide Behaviour in Soils, Water and Air.
01/03/2006 The Powerpoint presentations given at the FOOTPRINT kick-off meeting can be downloaded from the Presentations page
28/02/2006 The first deliverable of the project is available for download from the deliverables page.
24/02/2006 The kick-off meeting of the project has taken place on Friday 24 February 2006 in Orléans, France.
15/01/2006 First version of the web site on-line
01/01/2006 Official start of the project
03/11/2005 End of negotiations with the EU regarding the contract
06/06/2005 Feedback from the EU regarding the proposal. The proposal obtained a mark of 28 out of 30.
31/01/2005 Submission of the FOOTPRINT proposal to the EU
30/10/2004 Publication of the call in the Official Journal of the European Communities

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01/07/09: Creation of FOOTWAYS
27/03/09: New dissemination web site
18/03/09: Final conference: PPTs available
23/02/09: Change of partners
07/01/09: 2 new papers to appear in VDZ
07/11/08: PPTs of the Annual meeting 2008 available
06/10/08: New paper accepted in STE.
31/07/08: Major upgrade of the FOOTPRINT PPDB
01/07/08: FOOT-FS piloting workshops held in 7 EU countries
09/06/08: Stakeholder seminar held in France
26/03/08: Release of FOOTPRINT SUGAR
18/01/08: New paper accepted in PMS
18/12/07: New paper on bound residues accepted in ES&T
15/12/07: New document for policy- and decision-makers
23/11/07: PPTs of the FOOTPRINT annual meeting in Italy available for download
07/09/07: FOOTPRINT special session at Piacenza conference
14/08/07: 2 new papers
24/06/07: French web site
02/04/07: Release of the first project newsletter
29/11/06: Posters available for download
26/09/06: Presentation at the AgChemForum 2006
02/07/06: FOOTPRINT reviews for download
17/05/06: New FOOTPRINT database released
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